The New Evel Knievel Mini Bar (Licensed)

Here is the new licensed Evel Knievel Jerry Can Mini Bar from Trong upcycling, now fitted with the new lightweight precision cut foam interior.

*Multi bottle multi can interior 

Designed to hold several types of bottle as shown in the pictures and many more brands that use similar size bottles and eight slots to hold soft drink, energy drink, beer, small 150ml can, redbull can or 65mm diameter glasses.

*craft beer, soda and soft drinks interior 

Designed to hold 12 330ml cans of beer, soft drink, mixed spirits or 65mm diameter glasses.

The foam also has some insulation properties that can keep pre chilled drinks cool.


In a choice of white, black or green 


Perfect to send abroad as it contains no wood, so no trouble with customs

If you are buying from out side of the U.K. please send me a contact telephone number that I can give to my courier.


Glasses, bottles and cans are not included.


Please study the pictures carefully as they form part of the description.